The Caribbean Carnival Conference 2018 seeks to develop a platform for dialogue and to share best practises among the national Carnival and festival stakeholders. This would provide an opportunity for the various actors to learn from each other and for more experienced and developed countries to share/transfer knowledge and skills. Additionally, in the current environment where many of the traditional art forms associated with Carnivals are threatened with extinction, hosting of a Caribbean Carnival Conference would facilitate the showcasing of regional talents, service providers and related enterprises as a way of providing market access to generate business opportunities and potentially lead to the establishment of a Regional Network of Practitioners associated with Carnival.

The Caribbean Carnival Conference 2018 has been designed to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Strengthening capabilities: This conference will allow ACS member states as well as tourism executives to network with other professionals and vendors in the industry. This would allow participants to keep abreast of current trends and discuss new ideas.
  2. Promotion of Regional Identity: The Conference is expected to raise the international profile and public knowledge of the Greater Caribbean Region and showcase the region as a premier cultural tourism destination.
  3. Educate and Inform: The Conference is intended to inform participants of the broad benefits of Carnival in the region and present options to strengthen and promote Carnival events so as to increase tourism in the region.

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Caribbean Carnival Council: Culture Sustained! Tourism Driven!

The Caribbean Carnival Council is an organization that integrates the sustainability of regional culture and tourism to foster economic growth and development in the Caribbean.

Mission Statement: "To create a crucible of the diversity of Carnivals in the region, and to harness the economic value, for the successful economic development of the Caribbean Archipelago through a unified thought of sustaining, developing, and promoting the product of Carnival regionally and globally."

Vision Statement: "Culture Sustained, Tourism Driven" Our vision statements identify the strategic objectives of the Caribbean Carnival Council, to which all our operations and functions supports.

Principles of the Caribbean Carnival Council:

  1. To support Caribbean States in the protection of tangible and intangible heritages as well as the development of arts, crafts and creative activities.
  2. To enhance destination competitiveness and strengthening of the regional tourism industry through promotion of the Greater Caribbean via the hosting of the Caribbean Carnival Championships.
  3. To support the creation of employment and business opportunities for the region. By fostering socio-economic growth through supporting small and medium- enterprise development and the creation of alternative livelihoods in culture tourism.
These principles will be achieved by adopting and developing strategic programmes:
  1. The Caribbean Carnival Conference;
  2. The Caribbean Carnival Championships;
  3. The World Carnival Village; and
  4. Culture Education Programs
N.B. Where the word "Commission" is used in the attached documents, please replace it by the word "Council".


The Caribbean Carnival Council liaises with various regional bodies in furtherence of its goals.

Caribbean Carnival Council founding members (in alphabetical order):
  1. Cuba: Carnival of Santiago de Cuba
  2. Grenada: Spicemas Corporation: Spicemas
  3. Guyana: Mashramani Guyana Carnival
  4. Jamaica: Bacchanal Jamaica
  5. St. Lucia: Carnival Planning & Management Agency: Lucian Carnival
  6. St. Vincent: Carnival Development Corporation: Vincy Mas
  7. Trinidad and Tobago: National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago: T&T Carnival

Our Directors

Major Lawrence Wilson :: BIO

Major Lawrence Wilson

Board Director

Cherry-Ann Craigwell :: BIO

Cherry-Ann Craigwell

Board Director

Lynn Ann Medford :: BIO

Lynn Ann Medford

Board Director - Guyana Representative

Charmaine Franklin :: BIO

Charmaine Franklin

Board Director - Jamaican Representative

Gandolph St. Clair :: BIO

Gandolph St. Clair

Board Director - St. Lucian Representative


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